Meet The Bride

The City Bride Blog was created to provide wedding industry professionals the opportunity to collaborate with others in their area to create a better experience for brides and grooms planning their weddings. It’s a fact: brides are turning to blogs for advice, inspiration, and vendor referrals, so why not participate in a blog that is centered around the very market they are planning in? By including vendors from all categories (florists, planners, photographers, etc.) our goal is to create a “one-stop shop” of sorts. Advice and tips from all aspects of wedding planning. In one place.

And for our regular visitors? Our goal is to provide a unique experience and luxury service. With the rapid changing of the internet and the quick growth of social media, the time tested methods of advertising and marketing your business are changing. Fast. We are here to guide business owners as they better their business (and local market) through social media. It’s a concierge service. Not only will we help you with the basics of blogging – if you need it – but we’ll immediately give you a resource to test your efforts. And, be here along the way to provide feedback and help you – and your business – grow with the power of social media and search engine optimisation.

And for those of you that already realise the power? Perhaps you already have a blog of your own? Joining your city’s wedding boutique will allow you to be a part of an experience. For the first time, we’re joining professionals in cities across the world to create a one-of-a-kind experience for modern brides and grooms. Quite frankly, it’s a concept that changes everything.