Gorgeous Wedding Bombonieres For Guests

For my wedding day I wanted to have something guests could take home and I wanted it to be something personalised and something cute that went with the theme. Wedding Bombonieres are popular, traditional gifts that really add something to an occasion. So I went looking through a few stores and browsed the products they offered and the prices. While at home one day I decided to search the internet for more ideas and I found BomboniereIdeas.com.au. They have hundreds of products, label options, and all the prices and delivery options there.

It was so simple, so easy and I saved a fair bit of money doing it this way.We choose these gorgeous little lolly jars and then we filled them ourselves with our favourite sweets- just too easy. All the guests loved the idea and even though it was just a small gift, I think it made quite an impact. They looked great and gave a lovely touch to the event.

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